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PCS to Moncrief


All soldiers being assigned or attached to the MEDDAC, DENTAC should report to the Human Resource (HR) Division during duty hours or to the Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD) before and after duty hours prior to inprocessing any other place on Fort Jackson.

Personnel Division

Personnel Division provides personnel support and administrative services for soldiers and civilians assigned or attached to the United States Army Medical Department Activity (MEDDAC), the Dental Command (DENTAC).

The Chief of Personnel also serves as the Troop Commander in exercising command and control over companies/detachments assigned or attached to the MEDDAC. Responsible for Legal and Notary Services.


​​Troop Commander/Chief, Human Resources ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-0202
​​Chief, Military Human Resources Br ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-0201
​​Legal Assistant ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-0207
​​Enlisted/Officer Management/DMHRSI Military/Military Evaluations ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-2538
​​Finance/Leaves/Unit Manning ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-2322
​​Awards/Enlisted Promotions/Ceremonies ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-0209
​​Chief, Civilian Human Resources ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-2125
​Chief, Personnel Contract Services ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-2264
​Personnel Support Assistant Time Cards ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-2764
​DMHRSI Civilian/NSPS/Civilian Personnel ​Bldg 4555, 2nd Floor 803-751-0323