Case Management


Services Offered

The Case Management Division assumes responsibility and accountability for clinical management of clinically complex or resource-intensive patients in order to optimize clinical outcomes. Case Management is a process that involves a team of health care professionals who help patients and their families gain control over their illness, traumatic injury, or complex medical situations. Many patients with complex medical conditions require case management. Examples of patients needing case management are those with multiple specialty providers or multiple disease processes. Patients who feel overwhelmed and feel they need assistance concerning their medical care may benefit from our services. Case Management assignment is initiated with your PCM submitting a referral requesting case management consultation or you as a patient can self-refer.


Primary Care

  • Integrated Health Medical Home Red Team (12th Floor) 803-751-1620
  • Integrated Health Medical Home Green Team (6th Floor) 803-751-2304
  • Community Based Moncrief Medical Home 803-562-2123
  • Integrated Health Medical Home Yellow Team (12th Floor) 803-751-2059
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (6th Floor) 803-751-2932‚Äč


Behavioral Health

  • ADSM/FM (8th Floor) 803-751-0516
  • Child and Family Behavioral Health Services/SHARP (8th Floor) 803-751-4612
  • Community Behavioral Health Services: Trainees/ADSM 803-751-7826
  • Case Management Assistant (8th Floor) 803-751-2664


Department of Nursing

  • Executive Medicine (8th Floor) 803-751-0657/803-429-1289
  • Absent Sick/Soldier Readiness (8th Floor) 803-751-2713


Troop Medical Clinic

  • Case Management Assistant 803-751-6743



  • Patient Under Investigation (COVID-19) 803-429-5046
  • Absent Sick 803-354-1867
  • Behavioral Health 803-201-6483
Contact Information 
Chief, Case Management: 803-751-0672

Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Moncrief Army Health Clinic
4500 Stuart Street, 8th Floor
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207