Medical Management Center


Mission and Vision

In support of the Army's high operation tempo, the Medical Management Center program was established to help the Army maintain readiness by ensuring wounded, ill and injured Soldiers have the support they need to manage their Medically-Not-Ready Soldiers. MMC staff provides a well-coordinated care experience for Medically Not Ready Soldiers and interact directly with the Soldier, the chain of command and the military treatment facility. We facilitate the medical management processes to help decrease Soldiers recovery time, decrease the length of time the Soldiers cannot perform their duties and decrease the timeline for identifying the Soldiers medical retention determination point.



The Medical Management Center (MMC) was established at Fort Jackson in April 2011. MMC was implemented with the goal to identify total medically not ready (MNR) populations, formalize reporting procedures, thereby identifying barriers to, as well as, coordinating care within the systems of Soldier care. The MMC accomplishes this by providing care coordination personnel to interact directly with the Soldier, the chain of command and the Military Treatment Facility.

Ultimately, our goal is to return a maximum number of Soldiers back to the fighting force.

We're the missing link!

Our Nurse Case Manager (NCM) and Care Coordinators (CC) provide critical connections between the Soldier's command and the medical management of Soldiers assigned to Fort Jackson’s tenant units. We support a population of almost 40,000 Soldiers in 17 Brigades across the Installation. Data is collected, reviewed, and validated from MEDPROS, E-profile, AHLTA, and CHCS to identify Soldiers who are medically not ready, facilitate care coordination, and maximize the Soldier's recovery. Early identification of Soldiers (through comprehensive review of available systems) needing additional support and medical management to ensure they receive appropriate/timely treatment to facilitate healing and recovery, is paramount to how we deliver "Compassionate, World-Class Healthcare, One Patient at a Time."

The office of the MMC is located on the 9th floor in Room 9-3, at (803) 751-3069. The NCM, as well as care coordinators are located in Room 9-3, and have already established and are maintaining a synergistic relationship with Battalion and Brigade Leadership and Organic Medical staff, Primary Care Providers, and IDES clinic. BCTs have an assigned CC and they are embedded, on site at those Brigades, for greater Soldier accessibility. Please, call us for assistance at the phone numbers provided above. We are here to help!

Contact Information 
Phone: 803-751-3069

Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


4500 Stuart Street, 9th Floor
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207