General Questions

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA contains new privacy standards designed to protect the confidentiality of medical information. HIPAA regulations prohibit a "covered entity (Moncrief/any member of its workforce)" from using or disclosing "individually identifiable" health information. Health Information Privacy...Know Your Rights. The Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP) you received or may receive in the mail explains how the Military Health System (MHS) may use and share you personal health information. Read your NOPP and know your rights. At your next MTF visit, you will be asked to sign a medical record acknowledgement label confirming that you have received the Notice. If you do not receive your NOPP in the mail, you can get a copy of the Notice from Moncrief. You may reach the Moncrief Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Officer (803) 751-4510. Additional information is available in the Moncrief Lobby.


How can I find out about opportunities in the Army for qualified healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.)?

Access information about joining the Army Healthcare Team at U.S. Army Recruiting Command. Information on each Army corps (Dental, Medical, Medical Service, Medical Specialist, Nurse and Veterinary) and points of contact are given there.


What are the addresses of Army medical treatment facilities? How can I reach them by phone?

Check the Army Medical Command’s Web site, which provides information for many regional Medical Facilities can be found here. If an address and phone number are not available for the specific facility you need, contact the appropriate Regional Medical Command for help.


What information can you provide on DOD’s program to immunize military personnel against smallpox?

Information is available at the DOD Smallpox Vaccination Program


What information can you provide on DOD’s program to immunize military personnel against anthrax?

Information is available at the DOD Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program


How can I locate my Medical Records?

Requests for medical records of care in a U.S. Army medical treatment facility vary according to your circumstances. Refer to the National Personnel Records Center


How can I get a copy of my Birth Certificate?

Birth certificates are not part of the medical record.

— If you were born in the United States, your state of birth maintains these records. Check the Web site of that state or the state government pages of a local phone book for information on vital statistics.

— If you were born overseas in a military facility to at least one parent with U.S. citizenship, the U.S. Department of State should have a record of your birth. Visit the State Department for full information on how to make your request, what information to include and payment of associated fees.


I am a retiree living in the Columbia area. How can I access dental care for my family members and myself?

The TRICARE Management Activity of the Department of Defense has awarded the Delta Dental a five-year renewal to administer the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP).  The TRDP program covers diagnostic and preventive services, such as an annual exam and two regular cleanings during a 12-month period; basic restorative services, plus a payment allowance for tooth-colored fillings on back teeth; additional endodontic, periodontic and oral surgery services; and Emergency services.  Basic monthly rates and additional information can be obtained by calling (888) 838-8737 or by visiting their website at www.deltadentalins.com.


Tricare Questions

Is there a TRICARE Handbook?

The TRICARE Handbook is available online only. Please visit the TRICARE Management Activity website. Enter the website as a Beneficiary and complete the profile to ensure that you obtain information for your beneficiary status (TRICARE Standard or Prime, Active Duty or Retired, Sponsor or Family Member, etc).